AZ REACH: Addressing Healthcare Access Through Innovative Collaboration


ASTHO Cross Sector Collaborations: Addressing Health Inequities in Access to Care Through Public Health and Transportation Partnerships

ASTHO Cross Sector Collaborations Report

AZ REACH is highlighted in the ASTHO report on public health and transportation partnerships, the Arizona Resource Equity and Access Coordination Hub (AZ REACH) program stands out as a pioneering initiative.

Noteworthy aspects of AZ REACH include its utilization of braided funds from ADHS and federal grants, which enabled the program to streamline patient transfers, enhance healthcare access, and provide real-time data on the state's healthcare system. Furthermore, AZ REACH's success underscores the importance of cross-sector collaboration between public health and healthcare systems, showcasing a replicable model for addressing healthcare access challenges.

As the program continues to evolve, AZ REACH aims to secure sustainable funding through various sources while maintaining its commitment to collaboration and transparency. By fostering trust and adapting to change, AZ REACH serves as a testament to the transformative power of cross-agency partnerships in improving healthcare outcomes and reducing disparities.

This case study exemplifies how innovative collaborations between public health and transportation sectors can effectively address social determinants of health, ultimately contributing to healthier and more equitable communities.

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