Explore Our Quarterly AZ REACH Program Reports

AZ REACH produces program reports on a quarterly basis, summarizing the aggregated data by Arizona's four distinct geographical regions: Central, Northern, Southern, and Western. Our reports are designed to provide regional insights into rural transfer patterns, needed medical specialties, and trended metrics relating to the patient transfer process.

28 hospitals are currently eligible to transfer patients through AZ REACH. This includes 23 hospitals qualifying under AZ REACH and 5 hospitals qualifying under AZ STEP.  Note: 9 hospitals qualify under both programs, these are categorized as AZ REACH.

These reports exclusively represent patient transfers facilitated through the AZ REACH team. They may not encompass the entirety of patient transfers originating from our participating hospitals. As you delve into our reports, remember that they represent a portion of the broader healthcare landscape in Arizona.

We encourage healthcare professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders to utilize this data to further the goal of improving healthcare services in Arizona. Thank you for your commitment to enhancing equity and access to healthcare in Arizona.

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Fiscal Year 2022-23 Q2

Fiscal Year 2022-23 Q3

Fiscal Year 2022-23 Q4

Fiscal Year 2022-23 Year End

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Q1

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Q2

Fiscal Year 2023-24 YTD Q2