How do I contact AZ REACH?

AZ REACH can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at 1-877-787-4329. To contact AZ REACH leadership, please email

What does AZ REACH do?

AZ REACH is a voluntary, free 24/7 service that coordinates acute medical care transfers out of eligible hospitals across Arizona. AZ REACH streamlines the transfer process by facilitating calls for placement, connecting physicians, and following through on the placement progress, allowing referring facility team members to focus on bedside care. 

Which facilities are eligible to use AZ REACH?

Currently, all Arizona IHS, PL 93-638 and critical access hospitals can voluntarily choose to use AZ REACH, a total of 25 facilities in the state. This may be expanded in the future.

What types of transfers will AZ REACH coordinate?

AZ REACH will coordinate transfers for all service line types requiring acute medical care placement. Current services do not include behavioral health or post-acute transfers.

Who determines where a patient goes?

The patient’s treating practitioner determines the level of care the patient needs and will guide the AZ REACH team to the patient’s preferred destination. If a physician does not have a preference, AZ REACH has insight into which facilities can meet the patient’s needs, starting with the closest available facility that has the required specialty service capability.

What about the patient's insurance?

AZ REACH will ask the referring practitioner if they have a preferred receiving organization for which insurance will be one of their determining factors. AZ REACH is unable to verify insurance coverage prior to targeting a receiving location. Should there be no preference, AZ REACH will target the closest available facility with the capability required to meet the patient's clinical needs.

Why was AZ REACH developed?

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Arizona Surge Line include that a) smaller facilities struggle to place patients at a higher level of care, b) smaller hospitals do not have standardized metrics to track interfacility transfer trends, c) equity and access to care is a primary concern for rural Arizona and beyond, d) a region must have the ability to assemble a load-leveling line quickly in times of hospital surge in order to reduce adverse patient outcomes and inequities. 

How is AZ REACH different than the Arizona Surge Line (ASL)?

AZ REACH is distinct from the ASL. Utilization of AZ REACH is voluntary, it is not administered by the state public health department, and patient eligibility is not restricted to COVID. AZ REACH will have the ability to function as the ASL, but only when directed by ADHS during periods of a widespread hospital surge or for emergency management response.

Why should we use AZ REACH?

With a single phone call to AZ REACH, your patient’s placement becomes our priority. By leveraging our technology and extensive database, your team regains valuable time to focus on what is most important – patient care. We free your staff from being tied to the phone for patient placement and follow-up calls. In addition, AZ REACH will provide referring hospitals with comprehensive reporting on their patient transfer trends and any unmet needs they are experiencing.

Who administrates AZ REACH?

AZ REACH is administered by the Arizona Poison and Drug Information System and is an expansion to the services they have provided Arizonans since 1980. Arizona Poison and Drug Information System has partnered with Blackbox Healthcare Solutions for oversight of daily operations, data analytics, and reporting. A steering committee of participating hospitals will be developed.

How is AZ REACH funded?

AZ REACH is currently funded through federal grant funds with the purpose of a) strengthening the state’s ability to rapidly respond to emergent public health needs, b) preparing, developing, and implementing adaptation plans to protect at-risk populations and locations from the health impacts of changing climate, and c) supporting equitable access to care and health resources.

How will the data be utilized?

All hospital-specific referral data will only be shared with the originating hospital; aggregate or regional data trends may be shared with the applicable hospitals; regional data may be shared with public health and other agencies as agreed upon. 

Are calls recorded through AZ REACH?

All calls are recorded for patient safety and quality assurance.

Does AZ REACH assist with transport after the patient is accepted?

AZ REACH is unable to assist with coordinating patient transport between facilities. Transportation will continue to be coordinated by the referring and/or admitting hospitals.